Historie klubu


Jana Pucandlová (Kilda), the two times Czech champion and member of the Czech national ice hockey team between 1989 and 1991, is the founder and main coach of the Kilda Team. Born in Kadaň, she was one of the pioneers of women’s ice-hockey. In 1994, she moved to Litvínov. After the end of her professional carrier in 1998, she worked as a coach of the Jágr Team, passing on her knowledge and experience both to Czech and international goalkeepers until 2004.


In 2002, Jana Pucandlová founded The International Goalkeeper Academy in Benátky nad Jizerou. Every summer she organises a highly professional training camp for goalkeepers aged 7-14. Among the coaches invited to work with aspiring goalkeepers in the previous years, there were Jaromír Dragan (bronze from the 1992 Albertville Olympics) and Karel Janků, coach of the Czech HC Znojemští Orli goalkeepers. Many other professional players came to share their experience with the young goalkeepers, among them Petr Bříza, Jiří Hudler, Jaroslav Kameš, Jindřich Kotrla, Marek Schwarz and Jiří Šlégr.



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